Dolosus Global are the foremost security consultancy firm in the world.

Dolosus was founded in 1995 by two former members of the French Marine Commandos. Initially, they offered protection services to French politicians and diplomats and the company gradually expanded. Before the end of the decade the company was protecting members of the French Cabinet.

In 2004, Dolosus started to offer protection services for officials working for other European governments and branched out into offering protection services for businesses operating in the private sector. In 2010, Dolosus changed its name to Dolosus Global and began to advise governments on how best to protect embassies and other overseas buildings of strategic importance.

Today, Dolosus Global operates in 78 countries around the world, ensuring the safety of presidents and prime ministers, carrying out contracts to recover and protect highly sensitive diplomatic materials and advising on how governments can better protect themselves from both domestic and global threats.